Serious management

VELMA members operate serious, responsible, qualified and  with integrity and the field of Model management . They have the necessary knowledge and experience. All VELMA members may claim this seal of approval.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with all model agencies. Even without any experience in the modeling industry, the placement of models is legally permissible.

Caution is required if payments are to be made before a model has been booked for any serious clients . Often services such as model and make-up courses, creation of sedcards, etc. are offered for a fee far too high , although no booking activity is developed by the agency. Sedcards (analog and digital cards with photos of the model in different poses and the relevant data) are common in the model agency industry. They must also be paid by the model, possibly by offsetting them against incoming model fees. While reputable agencies need sedcards for successful agency work, dubious agencies only intend to collect excessive payments for (mostly useless) sedcards.


  • Advertising in small ads, on advertising pillars and flyers as well as on the internet, especially if only a telephone number without address is given.
  • Everyone who is interested and willing to pay is promised a successful career as a model – often on the occasion of information and advertising events – even though there is an oversupply of interested models on the model market and the requirements regarding appearance, age, size and figure are extremely strict.
  • High payments before a job as a model is arranged, although a proof of successful booking or management¬†activity is missing
  • The agency works hand in hand with “photographers” and insists that photos be re-created for a lot of money, even though when suitable sedcards are already available.
  • Agencies that have only recently been opened their business and have not yet established themselves on the market.