Application information


The most important criterion when choosing the right agency is whether the agency does serious work or not. The members of VELMA, the association of licensed model agencies, are all committed to serious and professional Model management.

A current list of these member agencies can be found under the link VELMA Agencies
You cannot apply via the association (VELMA).

The agency that accepts you as the first agency and initiates your career up to the professional model is then your mother agency. Especially in the beginner time she has the task to look after you (personally) and to carefully build up your career.
Therefore it is an advantage for first time applicants not to live too far away from the Mother agency.


There are only a few minimum requirements for first time applicants.

On the one hand the size:
The clothing sizes for models usually range from size 34 to size 38.
The minimum body height is usually 5,8 ft m for female applicants and 6,0 ft for male applicants.

On the other hand the age:
Since the development phase from a new face to a professional model is very time-consuming, many agencies want models that are not significantly older than twenty years of age for an initial application.

In principle, however, there is no age limit for models. A glance at the supplements of any daily newspaper or fashion catalogue shows that models from all age groups are always in demand.

Likewise the conception that Models would have to fulfill a uniform beauty ideal, e.g. to be extremely skinny, or extremely muscular, is a prejudice. Much more important is a well proportion to the body size, a good skin and an open, self-confident appearance.

Also a training in all aspects that are required to become a professional model, catwalk trainings or similar are helpful but not mandatory before the application. First of all there is the certain extra, the talent for taking photos or films or also for the catwalk. If trainings or teachings make sense, your agency will discuss with you later.

However, you should be aware of one thing: Successful modeling requires a professional attitude to work. This includes, for example, reliability, a well-groomed appearance or punctuality as well as perfect manners. So you should bring these with you, or at least the willingness to learn or achieve them.


For your first application you don’t need more than two photos and some personal information.

For the photos you do not need professional photographs. Snapshots, simple photos are sufficient. The agency will later organize the placement of serious and good photographers and the creation of a portfolio and a sedcard with professional photos for you. The costs for the creation of photos and sedcards are usually borne by the model. If the agency advances the amount, these costs will be offset against incoming fee once the first paid bookings for clients will take place.

One of the two photos should be a portrait and the other a full body photo.

Your letter of application only needs a few brief details from you:

  • your age
  • your height
  • your measurements (chest/bust – waist – hips)
  • and of course your name, address and telephone number

This information is sufficient . You send photos and letters to the agency of your choice. Usually by e-mail.


If you are suitable for an agency, it will invite you to a personal interview. As a rule, parents are also invited, if desired and required in case you are a minor. All reputable agencies treat applications strictly confidential and will be handled in accordance with the data protection law.

Please understand if your application documents, including photos, cannot be returned due to the large number of applications.