The VELMA Association represents the interests of model agencies and the models they represent.

VELMA was founded in 1992, even before the liberalisation of the employment market, by Germany┬┤s most established model agencies which had already carried out their activities “on behalf of the Federal Employment Agency” and had been carefully inspected and supervised accordingly.

Model management is a particularly sensitive area of agency work. Models are young, often even minors. Between the model and the model agency exists a very close social connection , because in this international business with short term employments the agency is the only partner for career planning management and often also functioning as a consultant and guardian for the Models and social interests and aspects.

Model placement therefore requires a particularly high degree of expertise as wellas social competance, such as :


The association and its members have set themselves the task of implementing these maxims.

Our association supports its members with information and advice. We maintain contact with the authorities and associations involved. Our tasks include the necessary public relations work and the cooperation with the political committees. We pay attention to the observance of the necessary serious mediation principles and strive for a harmonization of the booking modalities.

VELMA members are obligated to integrity, a serious, responsible and qualified Model management  and ethics code.